Friday, April 26, 2019

Not Sure

Always Remember

A Trimmed Bush

Being Tested

Every Day

Eat Shyte

When you forgot your drink

Good For You

Old Man Baby

Convince Me

You know muffin

Ass Coffe

Same person

Be Classy

When you feel dumb

Ikea is Legos for adults

You Fool

Taco Bell Scooter


Saturday, April 20, 2019

How are the kids?

Daffy Duck or Jeff Goldblum?

Same here Fiona

Texas Cat

Coke is talkin' shit

Does it though?

Being Nice Sucks

I'm nice

Goddamn I'm old

Burnt Toast

Done Yet?

The Day After

You're doing it wrong!

Just 1 more episode

Nope all around

Wine Punch


Stop driving asshole!

Kids cleaning their room

When he does that thing you like

I guess it could


Absolutely NO Rick Dicks

Who do you call?

Dinosaur Free Work Place

Not Where a phone belongs

Minding My Own Business


Never too late to go emo

Vacation underwear

Nice Placement