Sunday, July 28, 2019

Goddamn Florida

Droppin' Logs

Don't get so dramatic

Keep the lights off

Mom said no

No looking cool

Long Cow

Not really

Brain Cells

Eating Healthy

When Kids go to bed

Cold Butter

Piece out Hippy

No Calls

Dog Crime

Dads telling stories

Adult Life

Lots of smells

Life is going....

Dudes are stupid

Waiting Period

Hillbilly Safety

Hit that age

Milking those trials

Kids suck

Detroit Olympics

Going outside in the summer

It will finally get fixed!

Has Never happened

Guard Dog

Dumb cat

Safety Blanket

I'm a giant wuss

Lazy weekends


Coffee poop

My life

Money, or GTFO

Little friend

Gourmet Shit

Water is for wimps

Gotta catch up

One trip

Ticket Fees

I'll allow it

Bright Lights



Stay classy

That 1 dentist